Whether you want to renovate your house or give your rooms a new look- painting is the wisest solution. Even the oldest interiors look like new when you paint a bright color. So, how much is the cost to paint 3 bedroom house interior?

The inside alone may cost an average of $2,400-$3800, although that price might change depending on a number of factors. The total cost might vary widely depending on details like the size of the house, the quality of the paint, and the necessity of repairs. Price estimates for painting vary widely, from the low thousands to upwards of $35,000 for both inside and out.

How Much Does It Cost To Paint 3 Bedroom House Interior?

How Much Does It Cost To Paint 3 Bedroom House Interior

Depending on your location, the average cost to paint a 3-bedroom interior in Australia may differ. But usually, it is around $2,400-$3800 if you paint the interiors only. Here is a glimpse of the average cost for different cities: 

City 3BR Home Cost

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Cost To Paint Inside Of House By Bedrooms

Cost To Paint Inside Of House By Bedrooms

There are a lot of variables that might affect how much it will cost to paint the interior of a home, including the square footage of the space, the number of rooms, the current state of the home, and the painter’s rates. 

Experts estimate that the average cost to paint the interior of a three-bedroom home in good condition is close to $3,800. Painting estimates are typically based on the laborer’s hourly rate ($55) and the cost of materials ($25 per liter of paint, plus other items).

Interior Painting Job Costs 

Cost To Paint Interior By Size (Square Meter)

In Australia, the price of interior painting is normally calculated on a per-square-meter basis. The anticipated cost per square meter, as well as the variables that might affect these costs, are detailed below.

Interior painting in Australia generally costs between $15 to $40 per square meter. This price typically includes one undercoat and two finish coats.

The lower end of the spectrum, approximately $15 per square meter, is to be expected if the task requires no preparation or trim work and entails painting with a single color.

Your project may cost approximately $40 per square meter if you want to use numerous colors, paint high ceilings, and perform substantial preparation work.

Also, remember that the final price tag might change depending on the details of your individual project. One color, little surface preparation, and trim work are typical of less expensive painting tasks. 

In contrast, gloss architraves and a more colorful palette may be part of a more expensive paint job.

Cost Factors For Painting The Interior Of Your Home

Cost Factors For Painting The Interior Of Your Home

As we already stated, there are different factors that may influence the cost of painting the bedroom house interiors. Although we have given a general average cost, the price may increase due to the following factors:

Paint Type

Depending on the brand and paint finish you select, the price of paint in Australia can vary. It takes around 6 gallons of paint each coat to paint the average house, and it doesn’t include priming. Remember this when estimating how much paint you’ll need.

Area Preparation 

Sanding and repairing the walls before painting are crucial steps in getting a professional look and feel. So, your painter may ask for additional charges if your area requires extensive preparation. 

Depending on the severity of the damage, drywall repairs before painting might add an extra $600 to your budget for every room that needs work.


DIY painting tasks call for more than just paint; you’ll also need paint brushes and rollers, paint pans, painter’s tape, and drop cloths to catch any accidental drips. 

The cost of these supplies might add an extra $300 to your overall plan. If you don’t want to go through all the hassle, you can just contact us, and get it done by professionals.


Primers typically cost roughly $10 per can, so plan accordingly. Priming is essential before painting over a dark hue with a lighter one. It improves paint adhesion, leading to potentially longer-lasting coats of paint.


In Australia, hiring a professional painter usually means including in their time as part of the overall budget. We have given a good idea above, but for competitive pricing with the best quality work, you must seek help from Inexmax. In Inexmax, we also offer free inspection!

Furniture Relocation

If you don’t want paint on your furniture, you should either cover it or relocate it to the middle of the room. When you’re hiring a bedroom house Interior painter, they might charge extra for furniture relocation. 

Why Hiring A Professional Painter Is The Best Path To Take?

why hire a professional painter

Many people may suggest you do DIY when it comes to painting your interiors. You might even feel motivated after seeing tons of videos online. But, expert painters show some extraordinary skills that you may not have. Such as: 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How many Litres of paint do I need for a 3 bedroom house?

You’ll need about 20 liters of ceiling paint in a flat sheen to cover a 3-bedroom apartment or house. Because of the humidity, mold-resistant or low-sheen paint is ideal for bathroom ceilings. 

2. How long does it take to paint a 3 bedroom house?

Painting a 3-4 bedroom house can take 3-4 days, but the duration depends on factors like room size, prep work, and the number of painters. A single bedroom can be done in about an hour if rushed, but thorough work may take up to two days.

3. How many coats of paint do you need?

Two coats of paint are the bare minimum for protecting walls and ceilings from wear and tear. One coat rarely provides a seamless, durable finish.  

4. Do I need to prime before painting?

When bedroom house interior painting over stained, discolored, or potentially bleed-through surfaces, priming is essential. It acts as a barrier, protecting the freshly painted surface from stains. It also gives a smooth, long-lasting coating.

Wrapping Up

The cost to paint 3 bedroom house interior may vary from place to place, but if you compare, we offer the best pricing alongside the quality. Before you stick to a professional, make sure that you are getting the competitive edge and expertise that you need in your house. 

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